Hi -all besides my duster I have a 1970 gtx 440 4spd airgrabber8). The engine has a holley 4160 from a 70 383 on it now that I would like to replace(list 4367)-390cfm??. My question is is a new edlebrock thunder avs and the original carter avs the same in height-dimensions?. Hood clearance with the air grabber is a concern of mine. A stock Carter would be great to if i could find one.I am not really concerned about originality at this point and would like to get a carb that will be better suited for my engine. PO seems to have altered the stock air cleaner to fit the holly-slight interferance with hood now so a holley would not require any mods but would hate to buy one and next year decide to go in another direction with the car and not need it:toothy10:. Any thoughts or opinons on this? Thank you in advance Rich
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