Carb recommendation for the Stroker guys…

I'm SLOWLY putting together a 408 for my Dart, 9.7 to 1 SRP pistons, typical bottom with h-beams and forged crank, X-heads with 2.05/1.625 chevy valves, ported by me, Lunati Voodoo .513/.533 276/284 adv 234/242 @ .050, matching springs, etc. I haven't decided on the rockers, or what material for my retainers, etc, but that doesn't have much to do with carb selection. an LD340 that I MIGHT send out to have ported a little, and some Hooker Super Comps with 1 3/4. I have everything but the cam and crank so far. The trans is going to be a 727 with a 3200 stall, and the rear will have a 3.55 suregrip.

I'm having trouble deciding on what carb to get. I always used a Holley 750 DP on my 360, and it worked great. I'm not worried about how much it will cost for the carb, I'll save for as long as I have to. What carb sizes are you guys running, and what do you recommend?

The car is street driven, but I run it like I'm racing every time I drive it lol. I'm not worried about the gas mileage, etc. I'm thinking either a 750HP, or maybe a 800-850 DP? I may run nitrous in the future, may change the heads down the road(meaning higher compression too), experiment with different gears, etc, so I want to leave it open for that too. What do you guys think?
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