Can you figure this out ? part II

I promise this won't be an ongoing thing, I won't post my dreams every morning...I know you guys would want to kill me after about a week. However, you all had some good insight into my last one so I just wanted to see what you thought about these two.

1) I am walking from the beach to our shore house (in the dream I am about 10 years old).It is so real, I can remember all the sounds and smells from my days at seaside: the Lucky Leo arcarde bells and buzzers, the ocean air, the cotton candy all seems so real. Then out of nowhere as I am walking down the street it seems to get very cloudy and dark but I turn around to notice it is not cloudy at all. Just then a titlewave breaks and sweeps away.

2) I am riding a minibike in from of a scrapyard. I am wearing a jean jacket and an Ozzy T shirt so I guess I am about 13 years old. All of a sudden I am confronted by two older guys (one black/one white). They start yelling at me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that I will need to pay for it. One of them sprays me with lighter fluid and the other one sets me one fire. No matter how hard I try, the minibike is too slow to get me out of there.

Well...what do you think ?
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