hey im thinkin of gearin up my Dart. so. i figure a good way to get a lil info in is find all the cars with a common setup. NOW. anyone with a small block runnin a 727 3 speed with high gears. 3.55s 3.91s 4.10s 4.56s. what kinda rpm and you running at most in town back road speed limits. if you know thr rpms your running at 35 45 55 and 65 please tell me what its running and what gears. and maybe even mpg. im gettin ready to buy some gears for the Dodge. YEP. im lookin for something streetable yet i want it to launch damn good. i figure 4.56s will be VERY hard on a motor so thats what this is for. to find out the rpms id be running. and what gears i should go with. i have 3.91s in my truck but its not runnin. it did about 3500 at 60. but idk the final drive of the trans. what are YOU running????????
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