busted my eye….why you should always wear eye protection

well, im outta comission till wednesday morning.... I remember reading about something similar happening to moaprteen in his poisondart thread....i was workin on the scamp yesterday using a wire brush bit on a drill and i was cleaning up some rust in trunk which i had to lie underneath to access (top of the trunk from inside it)....didnt have any glasses on because from past experience lying down while dust is falling, the glasses did squat because the dust would just fall through the top or sides....anyways, last nite my eye is driving me nuts in paint, this morning it was still killing me and my mom had to force me to make an appointment for the doc's tonight even though i told her its like the last day of good weather this week and i needed to work on the scamp....all day it was driving me nuts, so i was beginning to be glad i had made the appointment....went to the family doctor and he found a peice of small metal in my eye, which when the specialist removed it, was almost microscopic....i now have a patch over my eye to keep it closed so it can heal properly and i cant take it off til wednesday morning, all the while i have school off so i could be working on the car or doing homework but i cant really see well....

i now learned my lesson the hardway:angry7:.....wear safety goggles always, and if you have watergoggles even better, because they cup around your eyes so nothing can get in
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