Broke Back Mountain My A$$!!

Tom and Earl were two old cowboys. They had been out on the range for 40 years. They decided to go back to their home town they grew up in...Vegas.

They walked around and Tom said, "This town has changed a bit, let's go to that bar, the All Nighter, where we used to go. Surely it's still the same." Earl agreed so off they went.

When they walked in, there were a few changes, there was a lighted dance floor, dim lights and loud music, but all the fellas in there were dressed just like Tom and Earl, in leather chaps and boots and hats.

Earl went up to the bar and ordered a beer. Tom went to the bar as well. When the bartender asked, "What would you like?" Tom exclaimed." I'm so thirsty, I could lick the sweat off a bull's balls!"

To which the bartender said."Moo-Moo big boy!"
~He never heard the shot
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