brake problem on ’76 Dart

A little History first.

While driving back in 2000 I had a problem. The parking brake light came on. I stopped the car and the left rear tire was on fire. I put the fire out and looked to see if I could figure out what was happening. The entire halfshaft pulled out. I was told that I had bent (or warped) the differential housing during this whole thing, so I got a new differential and housing same size bolted up perfectly. Here comes the problem.

I put in new brakes, shoes, hardware, wheele cylenders, drums, and parking brake cable. The drums were a tight fit when putting them back on. now, when I went for a test drive (not much of one) it sounded like the brakes were grinding as if I had left the parking brake on. Any thoughts? What should I do now?!?!?

P.S. The parking brake light is still on.
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