Bought the Ebay Special….. Distributor question..

I see a lot of these on ebay lately for sale new.... I bought this one used this week, supposedly only used once. It looks new to me, so that's good... It's supposedly a "billet" distributor.... two wires, and a big ol' chrome cover hanging off the back end of it.... what the heck? The guy said in his add all you need is a coil (which he included one, looks to be an older style procomp) and that's it... is that true? I was just trying to piece together a stock style ignition, which I have done in the past.... (for much cheaper than buying the kit, I may add)... I already have the ECU, and i should have a wire harness laying around somewhere... can get the rest of the pieces this week...

anyway, my question is, can i use this distributor with the stock style setup, or is this really the type of ignition you can JUST hook a coil up to and it works.... here are the pics. thanks in advance!

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