Bought a new project

First off, I have to make this clear.

This if for my wife.

She lovingly bought me my Dart. She knew that I really wanted it. I love it, and I love her.

So last night we bought a 1965 Buick Riviera. It's all there, comes with extra parts including a bumper and grille. All the power options work, it even has power vent windows. The interior is in very good shape, new exhaust, new tranny, and a 401 Nailhead.

It does need quarters, and paint, but it's a good solid base to build her dream car.

I've been looking for ages to find one for a decent price, fairly close, and needing a little work that we can do together. It was tough, because it had to be a '65, couldn't be a '64, or a '66. It is better looking than the other years, but it did make the search harder.

It's being towed home on Tuesday, so now I have to clean out the other bay in my garage. Why does it always involve more work for me.

So, if anyone has any experience (Cough, cough, Rob :-D ) with old Buicks, I'll be picking your brains in the coming months.

Here's the pics from the Craigslist ad.

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