body shop question

I will soon have my 71 demon project running and was thinking of sending it to the body shop for 2 new quarter panels. I have already bought the panels. I was thinking that it would not be a big deal as the car is really solid (Florida car) except for some small rust holes right at the bottom behind the wheels. When I bought the car it had been in some minor fender benders and and I thought it easier to change the panels instead of knocking out the dents and using bondo. Is it just me, or do the bodyshop guys think that they have a live one on the hook. I am not looking for a complete body and paint job. Three shops said that they would only do it if they were to do a complete job. One said to leave it for the winter so they could work on it during the slow times. All I want is two quarters replaced, finished and primed. I would remove glass, lights and bumper. Interior is already stripped. Cheapest was $4,000.00 and from there up. My question is, what is the going price to have this done, and has anybody gone through this process already.

Kenny B
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