Big Block Conversion $$$

Well.....I've been sort of looking around for a nice small-block (318/360)...but no luck. But when I went to the local yard to buy some sheet metal, I ran across a BB mopar...(suprise, suprise) You just don't see 'em around here....anyway, I asked him what he wanted for that complete engine(no tranny) and he said $250. =P~ My car has a warm Slant Six which I plan to keep until next winter..but I'm starting to feel the need for more displacement. So...I've read that BB's are mucho more expensive to build and install than SB's....but If I'm replacing all that /6 it that much higher?? Anyway, $250 sounded like a deal to me......what do ya'll think???
This is budget-build stuff...if I put in a 383 it would be all stock with a mild port job and aftermarket carb & intake. (maybe headers) Opinions? Comments? Advisories? :D
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