Big block 118amp alt and brackets in Renton, WA

I was at South End Auto Wrecking in Renton, WA on East Valley and they have a white 74ish Dodge crew cab with a utility box that has those cool flip forward bucket seats, a 400 with a 118amp alternator and the brackets to go with it along with the tensioner pulley that sits on the big ass powersteering pump bracket. They quoted me 30 bucks as is for the alt and the bracket if I pulled it. It is still on the truck because I didn't have a good pair of vise grips or a small hacksaw to get the heater hose outlet off the water pump. It is right in front of one of the bolts for the bracket.

They also have a 70's Newport that has a 400 in it that is covered in about 1/4" of oil and dirt

Just a heads up if someone wanted ot go grab that stuff before they squish it. They are in the process of clearing out the yard and restocking.
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