Best Way to reach 500 hp ,, Cheap !

i guys , some of you guys jnow that i have a 76 duster w/ a 360 390 hp crate engine , the first owner of the engine did some fine tune and dynoed the engine : 410 hp and 440 ft-pds or torque was reached ..

i installed a double exhaust x-pipe set-up 2 inch and a half with some good hooker headers , my carb is a holley : 750 cfm

My question is .. whats the easiest way to reach 500 hp and 500 pds of torque .. i wanted to buy some aluminum edelbrock magnum heads and pay for a quality porting job , and instal some 1.6 roller rockers + a bigger cam with more lift and duration than mine .. is it enough to pop 500 ponies ??

Please give me some advice , ill always appreciate it !

thx a lot!! Joe !
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