Bent car?

I thought I would through this out for your information. I got run off the road by a bus. Actually I ran over a concrete curb/island. I bent two steel rims on the divers side. The 73 Dart doesn’t show any un-body damage. But you can bet something changed since the wheel isn’t straight and the left front tire camber looks bad.
Didn’t see any parts damage so I took it to the alignment rack.
He told me the SAI (?) couldn’t be set and it might be a bent spindle or upper arm.
I have the left front side apart and I can’t tell any damage in the spindle or upper arm. But I am changing them anyway since I have spares and it might make a difference.
I have the sheet of what the car was set at before and this aliment man is a friend of the one that used to do my work and set the car up before. (I trust them both to know what they are doing on a Chrysler.) And I’ll take the sheet up to him when I get the car back together.
Does anyone think I could have bent the car. I was doing about 35 and clipped the concrete island pretty good.
But I don’t see any damage or indications of bent uni-body. I was wondering what is done when a car has the “frame straightened”. Is there a big press they put the car on with chains like some mid-evil torturer rack?
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