been a little frustrated lately

Well to start it off i got a nice tricked out srt10 ram that i've only been able to enjoy for 10 days before i pulled the tranny out to replace the leaking seal where the yoke goes in. then i had to replace all the bearings (because oil ran low), and two chipped gears. I finally got everything back together and in the truck to find out my clutch wont bleed. pulled the trans back to find that my clutch slave is cracked and need to get a new one. all the while my duster sits in my garage waiting for ross pistons to be shipped since they sent me 12.5:1 instead of 10:1. My wallet is getting awfully light yet i haven't been able to enjoy any of the money coming out of it yet. once i get my truck running soon hopefully i'd like to take some pics of both my mopars for you guys.
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