BB Parts needed


I am getting ready for a month long thrash fest to get my 440 Dart Sport done so that I can drive it. Most likely the actual work will start next week.

I am going to be fairly specific as to my needs and so forth. Also, I need to have the parts in a timely manner.

I am trying to save a couple of bucks, but most of the smaller items I may get locally. I know it is a long shot on most of this, but I thought I would ask. We all have that extra stuff on the shelf, and some don't need it.

The engine is a 76 440 out of a truck. I have the weighted B and M flexplate and I am using Shumacher Headers.

Here is what I can use:

Fuel Pump-NIB something on the shelf etc.

Plug wires that will work with my Schumacher Headers (I don't know if the stockers will work or not??)

Aftermarket coil and mount-Not sure if I need it or not yet-will check at work.

Three bolt cam under .500 lift. NIB etc. See my other post.

3" tubing bends

727 Convertor- something 2500-3500 stall. Probably closer to 2500. Prefer NIB. This is not something that I have to have, as I have two, but I would like something that is a known quantity.

Mini-starter maybe...

Known good 727 from a car. It would have to be local to me for me to pick up in person.

Maybe something else that you think I need and I have forgotten???

I will most likely pay with a USPS Money Order.

I also have a fairly large bunch of things for trading material as well.

I live in southern Oregon near Klamath Falls.

Here is my direct email: radjad (at)
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