BB Headers for A body and Intake

Hello All,

I am going to Portland on the weekend of the 14-15th. At least I hope so:-D

While attempting to raise some cash to finish my car, I have decided to offer some of my stash up. I really don't want to, and you may see a wanted here in a few months for the stuff again. But cash now is hard to turn down.

I have some new, unused BB Hooker Fenderwell headers. They are 1.875 primary tubes. I think they are 5205 models based on memory. There is some paperwork that came with them when I got them. I've had them a few years, and I think they were sitting before then in someone elses garage.

Price: $300 firm in cash

440 Intake. It is a Weiand 7534 model, single plane high rise. Someone started to grind off a bit of the logo on it, but it looks decent.

Price: $100 firm in cash

Trades considered on something that will get my BBD closer to completion. I could use a known good 727 for a BB etc. Especially something that was rebuilt etc.

Here is the deal. I am only interested in selling in person. I am not inclined to ship these, and I truthfully would like to keep them.

Reasonably flexible on delivery etc. on Sunday.

Happy to send pics to locals.
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