BB Build Question-long!!!!!!!


I have not posted in this forum, although I have been on the site for awhile.I build cars with my shop students, and am fairly meticulous with our projects.

We are building a reasonable, low-buck 440 powered Dart Sport. It is set-up more for drag at this point, although I could spend a Sunday and make it into a more DD type of a car.

The car: 1974 Dodge Dart Sport

The car has a sure-grip 4.10 rear
CE Drag shocks with reinforced rear springs
Subframe connectors welded in front to rear basically
The car has a nice interior, and is pretty clean certainly from a rust and rot perspective. No rust, and no rot.
Complete Schumacher Install kit-all of it

The engine: 1976 Dodge 440 truck engine

re-ringed, new oil pump, Hughes engines 223-230 cam, heads bowl ported etc. Stocker pistons, etc. -from my limited research, it may bring 300-325 to the table. Low-comp unfortunately.

Tranny is a rebuilt 727 with good parts and a factory H/S convertor.

The plan was to get it going by spring, and run the thing through about half of the summer, and then switch over to some HWY gears and better shocks and drive it a bit and see how I like it.

I was hoping for real low 13's to 12.90's with the 4.10's.

Keep in mind, I have never owned a"fast car" other than some unmentionables that were not fast..........

The Problem:

The 440 came out of a truck with about 1/2 the brackets. I don't know for sure that I have the kickdown or all of it at least. I have some cylinder head issues that need some minor help. There are quite a few "loose ends" that can run me out of cash in a hurry. Time is another issue. Money is not a huge one, although it is a factor.

When I am done, I will have a re-ringed 440 with 7.5:1 compression. And an engine that will likely need to come out in a year to build it up.

Possible solution:

I have a student that has a 400 smogger motor that I can buy for reasonable. He is actually a former student and friend. I have an aftermarket intake, and a few pieces for it on hand.

Assuming it runs good and I can see it. I may just buy it. I have a complete 400 at home with every bracket. With the 400 I can run P/S and not spend the $ on the adaptor etc. And I can help out my pal. etc.

Thoughts and opinions?

I know it is not good to change course mid-stream. Money is not the sole issue here, but it is a factor in the build. Time and hassle are an issue....

I have a fair amount of knowledge from reading and working on the cars, but the truth is that I have not owned a running big block, and have only logged a few hundred miles on my other A body.

Also, this leaves the 440, and other parts to build a more drag based Duster, which is my car of choice. I have new fenderwells etc. on hand.

I'm just thinking about. I have not seen it run, and he may want too much for it...

I would think an RV cammed 400, with a hint of stall, and some headers with 4.10's it could be a fun ride.

Just looking for some ideas and clarity.

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