Bad day… very

Well, got home from vacation yesterday and woke up today and was happy to be home. Well, told my sister I would clean the inside of her car today so I did that. Wiped eveything down, scrubbed the carpets and floormats, cleaned the windows, vacuumed... When I was done I needed to back it up so I could pull it on the front lawn to wash it. So I have the door open so I can back around my moms car... well I get the rear end clear and then look at my right mirror and then the rear view mirror and then I hear a crunch. I held the door open to far and it caught my moms car as I was going by... pushed in the bumber and bent the edge of my sisters door, f****.

Then at the cruise tonight I went to stick my head threw the window of our car so I could put my camera back in the glovebox and I completely smacked my head on the roof... ouch.

Then, me and my dad get home to find out that my uncle had a stroke in buffalo. Luckilly it was VERY minor and the only result is not being able to use his right arm right now (eveerything else was fine including his right hand). He was very lucky and thats the most minor stroke we've ever heard of. Either way, it scared us and they are starting therapy tomorrow for his arm.

I pray tomorrow is a better day =(
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