Back in the game. Parts needed

Okie dokie. Things came to a screeching halt for a while on the Sedan, but with the exit of the runner I'm back in the game. But that screwing around with the first "buyer" (and I use that term loosely) it cost me a COMPLETE trans setup, including all the linkages AND the reverse light. (%&*$%@#)


I need a 4 speed setup complete, or as close to it as I can get. Would prefer an aluminum OD, with shifter, all linkage, bell, "Z". Everything but the pedals.

Both my front fenders have rust at the bottom. Right one is worse. Looks like someone used a ball peen along the top of it.

Hood. Got a glass hood you decided to take off or not use? Got a SCOOP? Ok, I guess another flat steel hood will do. No rust. I have one of those.

Tail lights. I need some nice tail lights. Both of them complete.

Rear bumper. Fresh or needing chrome ok. Just need straight, with no rust.

V8 throttle cable.

Fan shroud for V8 round top radiator (plastic shroud that is)

Dash pad. Uncracked, or at least not so bad it can't be covered with a cap.

LD340 OR LD4B intake. I scored the Eddy heads, but still don't know if I'll use them. So if I get an LD4B then I'll just use the 318 as a 318. LD340? Stroker!

There is a LOT of other stuff I'm gonna need, but may just buy new. Things like front door panels, maybe arm rests, main under hood wiring harness for a V8. Who knows.

This is all for my 68 Dart Sedan, and I'll be looking at spending money starting FRIDAY!

Thanks in advance
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