Author: stubs300

WTF is this???

Puts a new meaning to, "The Forward Look"!

Just Some Good Music!!!

Nothing wrong with the Boz sweet Singing!!!!!

Body Work Blues!!!

Have I Ever told anybody that I have ‘Mo Blues than a Paint Store? The Struggle continues!!!
Blow Some Speakers!!

Let’s just take a chill pill & stay warm!!!

Some are “mo frezzin then other’s, but just back & stay warm and let the music keep you warm!!! RIP Paco!!!!!!

Just because I like pickin!!!!

I’ve like this guys music since H.S. 70’s era. Groove on!

ATTN: Cold War Veterans!

I just found out about this today, I had no idea they had this? Federal Govt. Civilian Personal that worked during that time frame can apply too. Follow link for details. Good Luck
How to Get a Cold War Recognition Certificate – Tutorial & Links

God Bless John Prine!!!

I miss your stories, someday I’ll join you!!! I surely you, Bless you my friend!