Author: Moespar

Checked for Posi…hmm

So I had the rear end jacked up, both tires off the ground, no drive shaft in the car, no engine or tranny in the vehicle yet either. wanted to see if the 489 was a sure grip. I rotated one rear tire forward, expecting and hoping to see the other re…

73 Challenger Rallye or not?

So I bought a 73 challenger today, been wanting one for 30 plus years. Found it in OK shape, everything seems to be there. Except the engine, and maybe some other minor parts. Here’s my question, as a newb, but someone who has been reading up on the 73 challenger…. This car has the correct fender tag (matches the VIN how it should), and I see an A57, so I want to assume this was a Rallye, and the engine was originally a 340, according to the VIN. but there are no side scoops on it, and…

73 Challenger Rallye or not?

Howdy ya’ll

Greetings and salutations,
I am happy to have found this forum. Just purchased my first E Body, 73 Challenger. I’ll have a lot of questions, but I reckon first I’ll do some searching here to find answers. Super exited about finally owning a Mopar. Thanks .