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Nos 1969 polara / Monaco trailer hitch

Nos Mopar multi purpose line trailer hitch for 1969 dodge polara or Monaco. Looks like it’s a bumper mounted setup, #2000lb rating. $75 + shipping from 40165. I have a few others as I get time I’ll see if I have any other c-body hitches. Thanks

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70-71 fury rear marker lights

Pair of rear marker lights for 71-71 fury. Both mounting bracket’s are present, one lense is cracked. $40 + shipping from 40165. Thanks

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Nos washers and spacers

Nos washers, spacers, shims and a couple of seals. Some are still in the packaging, some are loose, your getting what’s on the floor and in the box for $25 plus shipping from 40165. Thanks.

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Nos bumper guard identification help

Hey guys you have helped me in the past looking for some more help. Nos bumper guard part # 2533612, I can’t find it online anywhere and my parts books don’t go back that far. Trying to figure out what it fits so I can list it on here for sale if it’s c-body Thanks guys.

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Nos starter relay’s

Big A poweready auto parts brand, nos starter relay. Part # 39-107. Fits most Mopar models, good american made product. $10 each plus shipping from 40165. Have 16 total. Thanks

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Nos 72-73 newport door trim

Nos 1972-73 Chrysler newport custom left door trim, tan. Part #3683721. I’ve had it for about 5 years, but before that it sat in the attic if the dealership that ordered it in 1976. $60 + shipping from 40165. Thanks

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1955 Chrysler tail lights

1955 Chrysler tail lights. Bottom set is the best, with good lenses, but bezels are pitted. $45 for the set, top set bezels are pitted and one lense is cracked $30 for that set. Other two are both left hand side with pitted bezels and lenses scratche…