Author: Imperial_Eagle_72

1972 440 V8 valve cover bolts

I need photos of a 1972 440 valve cover, each side. I need to know if the engine uses 12 bolts or 8 bolts and 4 nuts. Thanks in advance.

YouTube Short: 1972 Imperial goodies

Just a quick teaser of the first round of parts I bought to get “Color of Money” going again. I will try to make some full length videos about 20 minutes each.

In search of a quality car cover

I am looking for a quality car cover for outdoor storage that will fit 72-73 Imperials.

I know there are some nice car covers out there, money is no issue for me. Finding something big enough is.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

1972-73 Golden Tone AM/FM Search Seek Radio

For sale is a radio core for 1972-73 Imperials. This is a Golden Tone AM/FM Search Seek Radio. It has not been tested, and looks like it has been sitting for years. Would be ideal to send out for restoration.

Price is $75. Located in Gurnee, IL 60031…

1971 Dodge Polara and Monaco Plymouth Fury Wire Wheel Covers

I am selling a pair of 1971 Dodge Polara/Monaco and Plymouth Fury wire wheel covers. Option code W15. I do not have any need for them. They are driver quality and have minor dings in the rims. Need them gone.

$75 for the pair. Located in Gurnee, IL 60…

1972 Imperial Battery Cables

I am looking for both the positive and negative batttery cables for my 72 Imperial. I would prefer nicer cables. No replacement ends, please.

Thanks in advance.

1972 Imperial Electrical System Repairs

So I’m digging into my Imperial with easy things to do. I have replaced a few light bulbs and it has made wonders.

The original headlamps still work but are stuck behind the doors. I suspect the relay or the motor to be bad.

The right turn signal wor…