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Question my wife asked

Im a car guy, and so are you…so guess who gets called when someone needs help?
Right. We do.

So I get a call from a church brother, his daughter had bought a car and on the way home it died and the battery is dead…do I have a battery charger he …

Name that song

Comments in for sale posts

I understand that we are not to post comments in for sale threads

But I also seem to remember having to check a box when making a for sale thread that states I’m listing prices and posting pictures

So wouldn’t it make sense to delete that entire fo…

oh look, its PBR

Getting thick – Video

Unsolicited d*ck pic

Plugging holes in truck bed?

Gentlemen, i just removed a 5th wheel trailer hitch from my truck and i want to plug the holes left by the bolts

What would be best?

body plugs with a dab of silicone?

Machine bolts? (Not sure i could get them tight)


“recent post” headers

seems like today a set of 4 "recent posts" show up above the main body of the forum, can i put that on ignore?