Author: diymirage

sunk my bass boat

i just got to vent to you guys
as you might know, i have a little pond in the back of my property and it has some nice bass in there, so i bought a brand new bass boat

i know a lot of you guys didnt think it was possible to splurge on things like that…

in today episode of “what is that smell”

its summer, and with summer come strange smells

a few days ago i started smelling something in the car which could best be described as "bananabread gone bad"
not too far fetched since i got kids and i know a few of them had some bananabre…

I guess im getting old

Long story short, one of my wifes coworkers knows i used to ride dirtbikes and went out riding a few weeks ago

He said he was going to take me with next time they go out so i decided to dig out the KDX200 and get it running

Now, this bike used to be plated and I’d ride it all across town (and had a habbit of shooting it half a mile up across the rail road tracks to fill her up) but at some point the kids took up more time and I ended up letting the plates lapse and it kinda of disappeared…

I guess im getting old


My wife claims this is me and the baby

if King David were a hilsong fan…

this guy preached at our church tonite and i thought a few of you ( @AJ_forms ) might like this

add blocker for smart TVs?

hey guys, i run "addblocker plus" on my phone and laptop and i love it, it allows me to watch stuff on youtube without interruption and seeing the perverts people seem to think need to be in every add nowadays

does anyone know of a way or p…

its a trap!

i dont know who posted this, but clearly, they are trying to trap me

Magnum condoms 2 boxes – free stuff