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Sniper EFI Temperature Sending unit

Hey there guys…..Got my Sniper EFI and starting to do the install. I have an Edelbrock AIR GAP intake, but CAN YOU GUESS…..the GM style Temp sending unit is too big for the two holes that I can use. Anybody else figure out how to hook this up? Says that the sending unit needs to be in the water flow, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to drill and tap the inner hole. Just have to figure out the size of the sending unit hole. Or would an adapter work as well?…

Sniper EFI Temperature Sending unit

Keystone Klassic’s????

Does anyone have a set of these on their car that they could take a few photos of? I’m thinking of getting a set to put on my 1975 Duster and would love to see what they would look like before I make the purchase.

1975 Duster Seat Change

Ok guys….I have a 1975 Duster that has a bench seat that I’d like to swap over to buckets. What I would like is some advice on which buckets to go after. The car is going to end up just being a nice little street car, so something that will function and look good too. What buckets will fit and what ones have you guys used from other vehicles (like the sebring seats). Looking for a few helpful hints

383 Build questions

Ok Guys….I want some honest opinions. Recently read an old article ( ) on a stock 383 being reworked and taking it to over 450 HP with just a few bolt on mods. I know that this article is old, but the last thing they did was change the camshaft and valve springs to get the final jump of 50 HP.
My question to you guys is….. if a fella was to do a little porting work to the heads (lets say they are 906’s), would…

383 Build questions

[FOR SALE] 1971 Plymouth Duster

OK Guys…..There is an ad that has been posted on the Wichita Ks Craigslist for a 1971 Duster with 46,000 original miles on it. The car is a slant 6 with a floor shifter and the ad just says “he does not want it anymore”. I cant afford it, but someone should snatch this one up before it’s taken. I hope this makes it through the system. Good Luck Guys

Small Block Porting Templates

Does anyone have a set of small block porting templates that they would be willing to part with? I’m thinking of doing a bit of work to a set of 915’s that I have to get the flow up, and I’m hoping that the templates would be very helpful. THANKS!!

Transmissions and questions about em…..

Ok guys…..a few questions….

If the 518 Transmission is a 727 with a lockup torque converter and an overdrive unit, how come it seems to have so many problems? Wouldn’t it be just as good to put an overdrive unit on the BACK of a 727 and eliminate the problems?

I’ve heard that folks are swapping their 727’s for 518’s and was wondering if they were experiencing the same problems that the stock units seem to have.

Maybe I should post this on the truck site……Hmmmm