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Great video

Junkyard video. Good times

Craigslist find!! (High back bucket seats!) Only $60 with tracks

Seems like a real good deal to me just need recovered. Some one needs to snatch these up.

Mexican Navy Seal

wrong thread?

How to pick an electric fan?

I am needing some help in deciding how to size and select the proper electric fan for a street car. Does anyone have any expertise in this area, or know of any good articles to find the required cfm that is needed? I am not having much luck. My car is a 75 duster, 416 stroker, eddy heads and air gap intake, tti headers, northern aluminum radiator, standard water pump. The radiator measures 20.5 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and no more than 3 inches from radiator to water pump pulley. I…

Kickdown cable> Lokar ? or Buchillion?

I am ready to purchase a kickdown cable set up. What have yall found to work the best? easiest to install?Lokar is about half the price of the Bouchillon,but if its better ,easier,it may well be worth it. what do you guys think?

Search Ebay and Craigslist all at 1 site

Guys check out this site for all your ebay and c’s list stuff..

It doesnt get much better then this

Gotta love it — on the flop.