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will these fit?

will these fit on the front of my duster? the main thing im concerned about is the backspacing. its a 14 by 6 inch rim and the backspacing is 3.5 inches

’67 Dart On C-list

Found this on C-List……..prob not too bad of a buy…


Sassy Grass done!

Here it is folks done as much as this cat is going to do. I think I should have picked something less green for the background, almost looks like one of those funky lizzards that changes colors with their environment.

need 600 cfm carb

i need a 600 cfm carb for my 360 duster or something close mine is edelbrock

new patio advice

Hey all.

I am putting in a new patio, already chipped up the concrete and removed it. Was going to put all flagstone down but found something else I might look at.
Home Depot has those templates that you can pour cement in and make it look like little pavers. you do this over and over until you get what you want. Has anyone does this and does it look good or is it a waste of time?

65 273 HP 4 barrel engine on Ebay

Here`s a 65 273 HP engine on Ebay.

TX9 (Black) ’70-’71 Dodge Dart Swinger Help

Would anyone be willing to share images of ’70-’71 Black Dodge Dart Swingers.
The time has come to make a decision on color.
My car is an original TX9 car but I don’t know if I want to go back black…
So. Images of nice black paint jobs on Darts might keep my mind set.
Any help would be appreciated.

Casey Davis