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Front Suspension Bottomed Out

I have a problem with the front end of my ’75 Dart bottoming out. I mean sitting on the bump stops. Looks like a car without any bars installed. I have new shocks and rebuilt the upper and lower control arms with new bushings and ball joints. Didn’t help. I can adjust and set the ride height to a normal stance and bounce the car repeatedly. Everything is fine UNTIL the car moves forward 5 – 10 feet. The front end immediately drops until it bottoms out. Jack the car back up until the weight is…

Chrysler service

Here are some pics of my nephew’s ’07 Dodge-3/4 ton-4wd-cummins truck. After getting the run around from Chrysler,and the local dealer,(in all fairness,not the one he purchased the truck from),over the last couple of weeks, a Chrysler rep called him this morning with arrangements to have his truck checked out. This was about an hour after this happened,on his way to work. If I got correct information,3 of these trucks burned within 100 miles of here,today.

74 Dart project

Hey! Just got this little thing a few weeks ago. She needs a little body work, paint, and wheels. Only rust is on the driver side quarters. The interior is in great shape. The backseat still had the plastic on the factory! I took it off because there was holes in it and the seat had some little stains on them. The 318 runs great, with just a oil leak from the valve covers and a smashed up catch can. It has a mild cam and a new dual exhaust. Sounds mean, neighbors probably hate me though.The…

Push Button Q?????

I have a 63 Dart Slant 6 Push button Auto and want to know is it possible to build that trans to work well with a stock 360. the wife really want to have the push button and I think it is a goo call but I really ant to go with the V8
any good Push Button advise greatly appreciated

1969 Bigblock Dart

Hello,This is my first time on this site,I hope this doesn’t offend anyone to be trying to sell my car without ever posting here before.I have had the car since 2001,it was a s/6 car I picked up in R.I.when a friend saw it sitting for sale.Everything in the car has been redone .Except the tortion bars.The motor is a 71 440 6 pack block built 30 over by percision engeniering in granby C.T.with a 509 cam added,906 heads,MP single plane intake,850 mighty demon, 8 “an” stainless braided fuel lines,…

Rear frame rails

Looking to buy a set of nice clean rust free frame rails and rear crossmember what is the going rate? Also looking for a rust free trunk pan for 1969 dodge dart

Orange Box Question?

I have a question about the location of the Orange ignition box. I bought my car back in May of 08; I have been playing with the timing trying to get it to run better, it was loading up on me. I am almost there. I started at 5 degrees and it is running very good at 12 degrees. It is a 318, unknown cam, edelbrock 600, Doug