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Mid-Ohio Mopars at the Drive In Movies

Join the Mid-Ohio Mopars at the Movies

Sat July 26th, 2008
The AutoRama Twin
Drive-In Theatre


? how do you remove a dash pad?

Where are those screws on a 1973 dodge dart, to remove the dash pad?

power steering compatability

are saginaw p series power steering pumps different from the pump on my 74 swinger? i think mine is a saginaw and i would love to get one of those chrome pumps from summit. will it work on a 360?

My heap(s) at Carlisle

1970 Coronet 440 with multiple personality disorder;

Aussie Mopar Sponsorship

With the Australian economy going strong at the moment and showing no signs of slowing in the power states of WA and QLD it is interesting to see MOPAR coming into Drag Racing in Sponsoring a Pro Stock team.

This is all the more interesting noting that Chrysler Australia has only about 3-4 models that are sold here and only the 300c with a V8.


engine identification

hey guys. so i just picked up a 63 wagon. i thought it would have a 170 in it. but i just wanted to verify. the number on the block is 2202857-7. according to these two websites its a 225. did they have 225’s in 63. or is this a replacement engine. this car also has a pushbutton 904. will any slant six bolt up to that tranny?

#*!($*@! Brake Lines!!

so the Parksville Chrysler car show happened yesterday, i had the car ready to drive down there, just had to connect the rubber hoses to the brake lines. i live 5 minutes up the street from the dealership so i was just going to drive down with front brakes and open headers, so i had already went and bought insurance for it, everything was ready to go. i go to put the rubber hoses on and yep, both front brake lines pretty much crumbled in my hands. so i missed taking my car to the show, and…