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Need fuel sending unit

I am looking for a fuel sending unit for a ’76 Cordoba. They are NOT to be had at NAPA, rock auto, o’reilly’s, ebay, etc. I hoping someone out…

The 360 Club

I take it there needs to be one for 360’s as well huh?

OK. Here “IT” is:-D

Wildwood Car Show

I know that this show has gotten sucky in the past few years but it’s still cool to see all the cars. I’ll be there Friday night and Saturday! If anyone goes, look out for a guy wearing an A bodies only T-shirt, most likely it will be me! Stop me and say hi! I’d love to meet any other forum members!


Need some help finding a good set of pistons for a 400 chrysler engine. Standard or .030 is fine. I cut the ridge and hitthem with a hone and they look like new but if i need to hit .030 thats cool. Looking at 9.0-10.0 compression ratio. Id like to use Keith Black pistons but the ones i’ve seen had differnt compression height than stock. Standard stroke and stock rods. Doesn’t seem like many 400 pistons out there so I guess i’ll figure out heads after i get a piston purchased. Thanks so much…

For you “drop top” guys…

pic of my old dart

started life as a 1976 dart lite put in a 340 auto 8 3/4 391 suregrip painted petty blue fun car then i needed to buy a house and away it went still in town

pics of my new grill in my 72 duster.

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