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Besr guess ET when on N2o on a /6

I am working on a 1975 Dart /6. Will be installing .488 w/posi, single nozzle N2O most likely set at a 75 shot. Car will have 235 x 15 street slicks. Any idea what this combo will run in the 1/4…

1970 front bumper fit a 1975 Dart?

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Largest Wheel and tire that fits a 1975 Dart?

What is the largest wheel and tire that will fit a 1975 Dart. Mopar Super Stock Springs.

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What is the value of a 4 door 1975 dart?

Very good condition, 86,000 miles. Slant six and auto. One for sale near me for $3,000. Would use this for Bracket Racing. I just like the six. Is this a good price?

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1975 225 small port head?

Did Dodge change the head runner size on 1975 225 Slant Six?