Author: 74Burntorange

Magnum valves

Intake and Exhaust valves Used in my RHS heads looking to get 100 or Best offer plus shipping?

Filling holes in Engine bay

how did you guys fill things like the Ac hose hole and the AC blower hole. I want to fill those and all the little pin holes I dont need before I paint, but after I strip it and rather use a welder than fill the holes with bondo and My last resort to f…

Rod and main bearings

Are king bearings any good? Main and Rod or just get Clevite P series and be done? Also this is for a 450plus hp motor

Pitman arm search!

I dont remember what car I got my manual Steering box out of for the duster. What cars have pitman arms that will work with my 73 and up steering box/ suspension

Which model or part #s for wheel bearings etc

I need new wheel bearings, idler arm, pitman arm, wheel bearing seals etc and was wondering if there is a specific size or something. I know the idler arms most will say moog, but maybe theres a cheaper place to get them

where to buy paint?

Im looking to match the cars paint with JY3 Honey Gold. I tried one site I found, but they dont have it at all. Anyone know where to get some at a good price?

Anyone know the port size of the Eddy Magnum Air gap?

I need the port size of the intake and of this gasket if you know


the Fel pro 1213 is 1.16x 2.27 but what is the one above and the size of the intake ports?