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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Grateful for this forum and I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

My cousins son is in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade today as part of the SDSU marching band.

Scam likely – Ceveat Emptor!

I have been looking for a station wagon for my fiancé and I believe that I have stumbled across a fake or scam listing.

It’s for a 1961 Chrysler New Yorker hardtop. I had sent the ‘seller’ a message (email) via the website and hadn’t heard from the se…

Towed vehicle mounting

I am installing a tow kit in Lucy, my fiancé’s 2021 Bronco 4WD 4 door.
It’s a Blue Ox set.
Got one side done.
Electrical will be done once the mechanical mounting is done.

Driver’s side, fwd is to the left:

Fun with water

I have installed a whole house filtration and softening system in the house.
It consists of an iron filter (that backflushes), a 100 and 25 micron particle filters and a water softener.
Pex pipe is easy to use and I have a combination of crimp and push…

Thunder Valley Drag Strip Marion, South Dakota

Went to the drag races with my fiancé to watch my cousin race his 64 Plymouth Sport Fury.

He just missed the money, with a late launch.

Lots of Mopars, including this 68 Coronet 500, with a POW/MIA logo where the Super Bee decal would be located. Ver…

New iron

my fiancé picked this up today. Love it!

Washer nozzle placement

I am preparing to install the windshield washer nozzles on Shamu, my 69 Fury III vert and don’t know where the nozzles are placed. The FSM and the parts catalog don’t show where.
Does anyone have pictures of or can you take a picture of where the nozzl…