Aussie Valiant finally finished….

Back when I first joined I had some pictures of my Valiant on its way to be fitted with its new motor and painted. Finally have got the car road registered, but I continue to fiddle, as this build has taken me about ten years, and what seemed like a good idea years ago is crap now, or what worked in my head, turned out to be a failure in practice.But tons of enjoyment in refining the car, as now when you make a change, you can test it out and see the result.Great feeling to finally rumble down the road, rides rough, exhaust to noisy, but oh what a feeling. Yeah, I know some will bag the idea of an alternate engine, but it's the body shape and style that attracted me to this model in the first place, so regardless of what pushes it down the road, its still a Mopar, so alls good.

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