ATF+4 41TE Trans..

I am looking for a "definitive" answer on the suitability of using a Dexron III ATF with a "friction modifier" as being a suitable, warrantable replacement for ATF +4.

Too make a long story short. I own a 98 3.8L Caravan with the 604/41TE transaxle. My only concern from day one has been the plethora of tranny failure stories associated with this trans. After much research, I came to the realization that the vast majority of failures were due to the use of Dexron ATF. I have always used ATF+4 in the trans, and so far, no issues.

Now, yesterday my wife decided to take my van in for an oil change and like all of these quickie marts, they topped up my tranny with Dex. How much? I dont know. I called them, and they responded that Dex is fine. I said it is not fine, and so up the chain I went. Finally, one area manager after listening to my concerns, agreed that my van should have ATF+3 (no longer avail.) or ATF+4. Since they dont use an "approved" ATF+4, they use an additive to "bring it up to spec". I had them fax me the info on the additive - Shift-Rite Platinum made by a company called Run-Rite. I contacted Run-Rite and asked them if the product is "certified" (as all ATF+ must be). After the basic blah, blah, I told them to fax me proof of such. Of course, they faxed me their "independent" tests on how great their product is (in a GM 700R4 yet). I called back, and supposedly someone will be contacting me lol.

I am wondering if anyone has a "definitive" answer on whether this or other so-called friction modifiers are accepted by Chrysler.

Please don't link me to the billion websites that individuals state yes (Amsoil) or No. I have been to hundreds of these pages, and NONE states Chrysler's position, and according to their certification process, no additives are listed at this time.

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