At my door

As my wife and I woke this morning this is what we found at our front door
at 6 am, Yep Berny Mac:shock::grommit:

My son and his girl friend broke up a couple weeks ago "Again" and I am Berny's master again, The old 60 foot run cable needed to be replaced and it finally broke, I have had Berny over three years baby setting and last summer Creed my youngest son has had him all summer and fall and know he is back on the hill, My wake up call :bootysha:
I am waiting on the Tractor supply to open and get him another cable run.
Nothing like a happy 220 pound dog wanting a rub and some lovin first thing in the morning :rolleyes:

Boogie, May Maltese sure did not car very much about it :-D

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Author: memike