Anyone want to buy my stuff

So I can buy a '78 aspen super coupe?
I would be willing to sell my aspen project or my newport or all of my A body parts.
Before I get a lot of questions about the parts I am almost done with a list and will post that in a bit.

My '68 Newport has a slightly built 383 and overall is in decent condition
I would sell the newport and all the extras for 5k

The Aspen is all apart but ready for paint and is lazer strait. Pick a color and go. I have everything to put it back together, I just have to find it all. I have a close ratio 4spd as well and a built 360. The aspen 7k with 360 4spd and 8 3/4

I know I am being foolish but the opportunity to own a SC doesn't come up very often as they only made 530 or so.

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