anyone else smell Bushit ?

We were informed and convinced there were weapons of mass distruction in Iraq. None were found.
We were told the war was over. NOT !
Considering this presidents track record, a pattern of lies...
Do we believe there really is an economic crissis ?
If so, was the actual figure more like 664 billion and rounded up to 700 billion ? What does another 36 billion matter ? You can bet there are exact figures on how much is needed, how much will be recooped and how much we'll loose.
The sad part is having a president who evidently believes evrything his cabinet and advisors tell him. He is simply the front man who appears on prime time television and presents what he is told to the people. A talking head and an idiot to boot.
I guess what really fans the fumes of Bushit today is the timing. The economy slowing just before an election is normal. Has it all been exagerated to extremes this time ?
Respond to my rant if you want. Just spilling my thoughts here.
Author: admin