anyboby smallblocked a 70’s colt?

ive been wearin ebay's ass out this week...came out with a pair of 15x8 (3 1/2 bs) draglites,26x8 1/2 mickey et drags, and a whole pile of other stuff.i sized the wheel and tire combo around my 340 swinger. i figured id make a serious bracket racer...but keep the 340 swinger as a backup. has anybody ever done a colt?lookin for guidance from yall swappers!doin a stock 360/727/ with a narrowed 8 3/4. i figured stock stuff will keep her consistent,and propel her little hindparts into the 7's on our local1/8 mile tracks. can't run past 7.49 without a i'll cut the throttle back if need be. looks like with stock firewall,the 360'swater pump would be at stock radiator location...might have to cut firewall to move back.any input is greatly appreciated!
forgot to mention i'll be using a scirocco radiator with flexalite's twin electric fans.(more ebay stuff)

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