Another Noob from Oz

A big G'day to everyone on the FABO forum from Tamworth, Australia. Yes another newbie from down under land. I already know a few of the aussie members on here from our Hemi 6 Pack forum here in oz, "knighty" (Dan), "nqjw" (Ken), "fingers" (Richard). I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys and look forward to conversing with you from time to time on this forum. I've recently imported a '69 Plymouth Barracuda from the US back in April this year. It needs a few cosmetic things fixing but overall I'm happy with the purchase. Currently it is running a 383/727/3.9:1 posi rear, however soon I plan on upsizing the engine to a 440. I've just bought some new 15x9 rear & 15x4 front Centerline Convo pro's for it (not shown in pics). It's a love it or hate it colour I'm afraid. Here's some pics.

Here is my daily driver 1965 AP6 Valiant Wayfarer Utility, it took me six months (nights and weekends) to repaint and rebuild it. Here is some before and after pics for you guys.
BEFORE, running a 225 slant, 3spd column shift manual.

AFTER, now running 225 slant, hemi 4spd floor shift, Tiger mica 2pack paint, 16" Simmons F90 wheels, retractable seatbelts, Holden Commodore bucket seats and more.

And my project car, 1971 VH Charger base model, which will be getting a Big Block heart transplant in the near future, among other things of course.

Sorry if I got too carried away with the photos, but I know on our forum over here everybody loves pics. Look forward to talking with you all soon.
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