Another non starting, headscratcher

All of a sudden my car won`t start, It usually fires right off. Fourtunetly It died in my shop. 67 cuda. MP electronic conversion. meter says, 12.5 v. @ battery, 11 v. @ ballast? no spark @ plug. I cleaned all connections @ battery,relay,+ ballast. all grounds are clean and tight. Im particular with connections, bare metal, protected with high copper never sieze. Think my ballast is bad? It has continuity, and reads 200.1 ohms. Does this sound right? Battery is old but still showing good. To take it out of the picture, I installed a newer battery with same results. It spins over, fast as it ever has. still 11 v.@ ballast. If you suggest a new ballast resistor, can I use one from a, lets say early mopar with elect. ign.? Thanks in advance
Author: admin