Annoying Little Leak….

Quick background,

When I got my car about two years ago, the tranny in it was VERY VERY sloppy to say the least. But I also go a bunch of parts with it. One thing was an aluminum OD833...

I use the car more as a driver then racer, so of course I rebuilt the OD(paid a locally well respected tranny shop to do so). So then the time comes when the clueless excited first timer has the motor and trans in, and low and behold the drive shaft doesnt go into the trans...

I had to change the yoke...which the OD tranny lucky(or I thought at the time) had with it...

Now My question:

I have a leak, its a drip at the rear seal of the tranny, where the yoke goes in..

I had the tranny shop look at it, and change the seal twice, but they are saying the problem is the slip yoke that goes in is Pitted, and thats what is causing my problem....

Does this make sense? To me it seems logical enough......just get a yoke thats good, and problem solved....I did my best to count the teeth on the shaft, and got 30, so I am assuming I need a 29 teeth yoke, thats not pitted and no more drip drip on my garage

Does this make sense to you guys?
It will solve my problem?


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