Today is my anniversary with my Duster, 22years ago on Super bowl sunday. I was 17 & just looking for something to drive. Never thought she would still be here this long but I'm glad she is. If the weather permits, I will take her out for a drive today since she's been couped up in the garage for a couple month's. Today is bitter sweet for me because when I went out to get the paper for my wife's grandfather, on the front page was a story about Jay Steele, the owner of Taylor Engines here in Whittier. He passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. They built the engine in my car the first time & when I went through it after hurting it from racing they redid the machine work & assembled the short block for me. Jay was a great guy & he helped me out many times when I had questions on combos that would help me get the most Hp. He will be greatly missed. RIP Jay...
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