And it’s only November …

I went out to the shop yesterday morning about 9:45 like I always do. First thing I did (after unloading the powder gun, powders, and my coffee) was to grab the little temp gauge I use to measure oven temperatures. It was 37.4 degrees in the shop and 31.2 outside in the sun.

I hit the breaker and fired up the Dayton heater. I blew a kiss towards the house for my beloved who had the foresight to put the winning bid on it on ebay a couple weeks ago. "You're gonna be out there a lot more this year. You're gonna need a heater babe." Uh huhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you Billy!!!

By noon thirty my feet were cold. Went in the house to get rid of the customary tennis shoes and put on my hiking boots with the 3/4" Vibram soles. Figured any extra room between me and that cold-a$$ concrete was a good thing. I made another half a pot of coffee.

At 4:00 I came in and had my first cup of hot chocolate of the season. A double. I also put on those extremely sexy insulated long underwear that have been in my drawer for a hundred years (had to cut the tag off LOL).

I finished up work for the day at 7:00 p.m. When I checked the temp gauge again just outside the shop door, it was 17 DEGREES.

This morning when I went outside to feed the kitties, there was a half inch of solid ice in their water bowl and a good 3/8" inside the jug that sits on top of the dispenser.

Oh man ... I'm sooooooooo ready for spring. Living in SoCal for 16 years and then three more in South Louisiana spoiled me rotten.
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