An Xcptshnl Winter Getaway

I celebrated my birthday on Friday Jan 16th. On Saturday, we dropped the kids off at Granny's and had our selves an overnight at Hawks Nest Lodge at Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted, West Virginia. Now this was not a fancy place, just the basic room with dinner and breakfast. But, for what we have been through in the past 6 months, it was a welcomed getaway. There is no skying or anything there, just peace and quiet..... and cold!! When we arrived there, it was -5*F with a wind chill of -40*F

Here are some great pictures, and Yes there are FINALLY PICTURES OF HESTER our /6 1966 VALIANT 200!!!! :cheers:
Hawks Nest was a strategic look out point during the Civil War for both sides. The battles on Drop Mountain and The fort at Gauley Bridge were fought and won back and forth for over 3 years being occupied by either side at one time or another.

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Here is David and I at the foot of Gauley Mountain at Cathederal Falls. The Falls are 260 feet high and frozen over except for a small trickle...

notice the TINY people at the foot of the water fall?
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HERE IS HESTER !! :cheers:
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Here is The picture I promised MeMike: Hawks Nest Overlook... It is 886 feet from the over look down to the Gauley Giver below :toothy10:
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Here is the view from the lodge. The Tram lines here drop over 800 feet to the gauley river below. It was closed due to high winds.
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Here is Kanawha Falls at Glenn Ferris West Virginia where the New River and the Gauley join to make the mighty Kanawha River that flows all the way to Point Pleasant to join the Ohio River.
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And here is Hester again, with David at the wheel. It was -2 and really cold... but still an awesome sight, don't you think?

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Here's to a great year !!

Love, Mary :happy10:

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