A/N fittings and fuel line leaks.

Is there a recommended sealer to seal threads in leaky AN fittings?

I've tried just snug...had leaks,
Tried Pretty tight...still leaks
Tried tights as hell..still have leaks.

In some spots I have AN fittings going onto a chrome type fitting such as my fuel pressure regulator and have a nice leak there, and also where an AN fitting screws to a chrome shut off valve at the fuel line near the tank.

I can't win with these darn fuel leaks and I'm starting to get really frustrated and I'm getting ready to buy all new stuff and start from scratch unless there is some kind of miracle sealant I can put on the threads.

I am running 100-110 octane race fuel as well if that has anything to do with it.

I will buy new valves and regulator if I have to to solve this problem as I don't need a fire hazard on my money pit.
Author: admin