Almost got shot…..

.....going to get the two cars i bought. You won't believe this.
The most exciting i've been involved with lately to say the least.
To start out i went to meet the gal that sold me the cars yesterday about 20 miles from home. She gave me the key to two gates and i handed her the cash and headed to the auction to buy a welder that i was needing for my company. Not important but i did buy the welder. I drafted two of my buddies that i needed to call in some favors on and we headed for the back woods of Missouri today. Followed all the directions to the place and found all the right roads and here we go. Found the right lane and headed down the lane and i noticed a red truck following the rear roll back very closely. I was riding with one of the guys and we pulled up to the first gate and i got out and unlocked the gate and swung it back. Meanwhile James in the second rollback pulled up and as i was waiting for him to come through the gate four trucks and one car pulled up and blocked all progress. Seeing this i walked up to James's truck and got in on the conversation. It seems that there was a dispute over land or a right of way to this land and the lady who was raising hell lost her husband in the gun fight. These people are all relatives mind you. Getting what i did out of all the explanation i heard here is what happened. The lady i bought the two cars from owned 120 acres and was given a right of way into this property by a judge but hadn't cleared it out and was using their brothers lane to access this 120 acres. The brother didn't like them using his lane so he met his brother on the lane last October and had his brother that owned the 120 acres out of the truck and on his knees with a gun to his head telling him that he was going to kill him. Meanwhile the threatened mans son hearing this came up behind the guy doing the threatening (his uncle) and shot him in the head so as to protect his dad. Just this last week the nephew was cleared and it was rulled as justifyable homoside. When we pulled up we didn't have a clue of any of this so here we go. The lady was crying and my cars that i already payed for were in this field. She wasn't going to let us have access to em. Mean while there was starting to be a crowd out in the middle of some missouri sticks 30 miles from no where. I offered her $100 to let us get the cars. Money wasn't the issue to her. No dice. Eventually after i hugged her letting her know that i really felt sorry for her and her fatherless 5 yr old did she let us get the cars. They are here at the house and we'll post pics as soon as we get new batteries for the camers. I called the gal that sent me to a gun fight without a gun and let her have a great big THANK YOU. I still have the key to her place and she is to meet me this week in town and pick it up. I told her to bring one of my $100 bills with her when we meet. She apologized and said she would. This Sunday has been more exciting than a pentecostal camp meeting to say the least. WOW. They are parts cars by the way. Need a little exciement? Come on down and we'll see what we can stir up here in the ozarks. I'm still alive.
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