Alan627B Calling All Parts Contacts

Now that the holidays and my physical therapy for my shoulder are finally over, I'm getting back on track on trying to get all those parts I pulled last year, delivered.
Anyone who was dealing with me last year, I'd appreciate it if you'd PM me, or, better yet, email me if you are still interested in parts we were dealing on.
If no one responds or changes their mind due to the rotten economy, they already found other sources, or whatever, no big deal. Anything I can't straighten out, I'll just relist and clear the slate. Thanks a bunch for the patience if you have been waiting.
I had PM listings for Smallblock, 66 CudaS, Baucco, Swedefish and Redfish,
Macadoo1961, 68 Sedan, Rollin, Slantscamp and Dart64GT, plus a few emails still saved in the box.
I'm trying to get it all sorted out, I will greatly appreciate the help!
I got some new stuff too, I'll list it as soon as the garage gets habitable again, it's bloody cold here right now!
Thanks again,
Alan Hynes
Author: admin