agrev’s dart custom

I'll start this post with some history.

In 1977 (spring if I am remembering correctly), my wife's Mamaw (her dad's aunt who raised him, so may as well be grandmother) bought a new '76 dart custom.

When her brother went to college, he was given the car. Shortly after we married in 97 (Christmas time) he told me if I could get the car running I could have it. I have a little experience (my dad is a mechanic and I learned some from him) so I go out put a new battary (the old one was dead), plugs, wires, oil change and fire her up (cheapest car I ever bought).

Three years later within a week the front fender was crunched by an idiot that made a right turn from the left lane in front of me. Then, the differential went out (I was able to pull the driver side axle out of the shaft).

My wife was in school and shortly thereafter we had a baby on the way, so Daddy's Dart was mothballed (garaged really). This was in 2000.

I finaly (whoo hoo) have the money and the time to work on this car again.

For starters, I redid belts hoses and checked the wiring in the engine compartment and put a new battary on it (after nine years, yeah the thing was dead). Replaced the coil and coil wire did an oil change and put fresh gasoline in it. Replaced all of the filters and held my breath......IT STARTED!!!

Now for the tough part. I have the new differential and will be attempting to put that on this week. After that I will be in a serious search for the drivers side front fender, headlight bezel and a hood.

BTW I was born in '76 How cool is that?!
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